Emgen Inc.

Emgen Inc.

Emgen Inc. What is it?

An alternative energy source self contained and requiring no external assistance has been designed into an automotive engine and totally green for the environment.  No harmful emissions, no wastes and pollution free.

We are a brand new company working out of a garage.  We are looking for funding which would be used for a proper building location along with the parts, tools and other materials required for further research and development for this engine.  With this funding we would be able to devote a full time basis towards the goal of making this product available for automotive manufacturers.  The applications for this product would eventually outweigh the automotive industry and be used for every type of device which contains a fuel type of motor (e.g.: gas powered lawn mowers, not the electric type). 

Eventually this product will have a world wide appeal and we will need the funding and business acumen towards bringing this product into public awareness and into the automotive industry. 

It can also be said this engine has the capability to run all the power needs of your home.

Just think of it.  An energy source that uses no gas, no water, AND does not require to be plugged into an outlet.
Uses one battery to start it up and recharges itself and provides all of the energy you need.


What's New with My Subject?

This is actually not a new idea.  It had been registered with the U. S. Patent Office over 30 years ago.  The inventor has made this possible using a standard engine from an automobile.

Because the fuel consumption would be dropped to zero, the big gas companies does not want this to get out.  The same applies for the electrical charging the newer vehicles now require.  This new engine would be reduced to zero charging to keep itself running.  Neitrher does this engine require any water for steam.

Because the concept can be applied to conventional standard engines it would not leave the big automobile manufacturers out of business.

 A video of this engine running has been uploaded to youtube and listed under science and technology.  Eventually I will upload the video to this web site.