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Prosopagnosia.  Also known as 'Face Blindness'.  Some people who are born with this condition has a blockage in their brain that prevents them from seeing other people's faces.  There are various degrees of this condition but for the most part the face being looked at is just a blank.

The people who suffer this condition rely on other clues to help them know who they are around.  If a woman who has this condition is married she might recognize her husbands beard.  If he had one, or if he shaves it off she doesn't know who that strange man is in her home.  Until he says something.

Or if a person with this problem have children they may recognize their children's voices.

I watched a video on youtube where a woman with this condition was being interviewed.  The woman doing the interview had asked the woman if she could recognize any of the people in the five photos that had been placed in front of her.  Only the faces were showing since the bottom half of the pictures had been covered.

 The woman could not recognize any of the five people showing.  She made the comment she could recognize them from the clothes they were wearing.  So the interviewer asked if she thought she could.  After the affirmative the interviewer removed the covering over the clothing of each picture.  Then the woman with this condition was able to recognize her mother as one of the people.  She did not even recognize her own mother until she saw her clothes.

Some people have made adjustments in their lifestyle to try and make up for this deficiency.  They rarely go anywhere and I've read they may seem standoffish to other people who are unaware of their condition.

There is one possible solution to giving these people help.  It involves putting together several parts and then providing the support group when it is completed.

One part is using a scaled down version of the facial recognition software it can be adapted for people suffering from face blindness.  The databasee for this scaled down software would include their families, friends, grocers , co-workers or anyone else they come into contact in the general public.

The next part comes into play with what is referred to as 'wearable computers'.  And the advances being made with smart phones a wearable computer is coupled with wireless glasses that serve as the monitor that also has a wireless mini cam hooked up.  Every person that is looked at a display would appear showing the name of the person she or he is talking to or facing.

And if you have read the page 'About' me then I am looking fro funding to get this off the ground and helping people with this condition.  As mentioned on another page, this will help me have a job and all the people that would be hired to keep this going.

As on the Emgen page, I have included a PayPal button for your donation.


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