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About Me

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First I have to let you all know, I'm smart.  In 1980 a pre-sentence investigation was done on me and I discovered several things about myself.  And some things I knew but didn't want to face.  I found out there are two basic types of intelligence.  Native and academic.  Academic is self explanatory.  Native intelligence has to do with being people and street smart.  Except I wasn't using them.  My I.Q. at the time was listed in the 130's.  To give you a rough idea where that places me - an average med student has an I.Q. right around 112 to 115.  The average I.Q. is from 90 to 110.  Most people fit in the average ranges.

Please read on if you want to know more about me and what I'm doing.

I have not lead a charmed life.  From the time I could remember, my memories go back to around the age of one year old, my life has been in constant turmoil.  I remember nightmares from around the age of four and didn't know until I was in my twenties my mother had informed the authorities my father tried to smother me with a blanket.

If it wasn't because of my own stupid choices, improper parental guidance and/or circumstances brought about from society in general, my life has not been a good one.

Consequently I ended up spending a lot of time in reform schools, jails and/or prisons.

The last time I was in prison I vowed to not do anything that would take me back into prison any more.  I have been out of prison since September 23rd 1992.

While in prison I started teaching myself to work with computers around the mid 1980's and continued with that after I got out.  I have an Associates Degree in MicroComputer Management.  But most times it feels like a Computerized Micro Degree as a result of my past and the current bad economy.

Then I became homeless at the end of August in 2006 when I was 54 years old and had to start from scratch all over again.  And I think I'm getting too old to be starting over anymore.

I have been out of work for over a year now and my last two real jobs had nothing to do with computers at all.  One was being a fry cook at a place called Howard's Pizza.  I held that job for about two and a half years.  The other job was a prep cook at Sonic.  With the knowledge and intelligence I have, I don't see myself working in a food environment for the rest of my life.

Still the problem arises to my past and my poor choices.  Even though I am done with living as I had trying to convince others I'm a good risk....  Well you see the problem I have

Then the realization came to me if I can't find a job utilizing my skills and abilities then maybe I can create one.

Over the years I became friend with various people.  One of them is Jerry.  It is Jerry who came up with the idea and the invention for an engine that uses no gas, no water and doesn't require to be plugged into an outlet for power to make it go.  I have seen him make a prototype that sat on a stand and ran with only one car battery to start it up.  And was inside a friend's garage.

Jerry tells me to get the engine into an automobile it would take many tens of thousands of dollars.  This cost would be for the materials and tools needed to complete the project.  One of the problems is that no one has the ready made materials and/or ready made tools to get the job done.  In the video you can see where Jerry had to make his own cylinders to hold the special magnets and coils he had to wrap himself.

Once the car is made then it is just a simple matter of driving the car around this great nation with advertising on the side indicating what the car is and how it is being run with NO gas, NO water and NEVER needing to be plugged in for external power.

Basically we need money and a lot of it.  Not just for the making of the car but for living expenses as well.  Like eating, livin, a shop to do the work.  Well you can imagine what all it will entail.

Here is the kicker about this engine.  Jerry also says this engine could also supply a home with all the power it needs with little modification.

So now I ask the people of this great nation to help us make this possible.  I have placed a donate button for PayPal for the making of the car for this engine.  Engen Inc is the name of the company.  We were registered with the state of Montana but due to lack of funding we have had to let the annual fee for registration slide away.

And now my other method of being to make a job for myself has to do with prosopagnosia.  In layman's terms it is called face blindness.  From everything I read online about this condition approximately 2 - 2.5% of the population suffer from this condition.

What is face blindness you ask?  Logical to as.  A certain percentage of people are born with a blockage in the area of the brain where people normally are able to see and recognize other people.  There is various degrees of this condition but for the most part this percentage of people are unable to see a face.  For some is just a blank area and the sufferer just don't know who it is they are talking to.  The people with this condition relyon clues to tell them how it is they are with and talking too.  Like the sound of a husband's voice.  Or the clothes that a wife is wearing to tell the husband who the woman he is with.

It is my idea to take a scaled down version of the facial recognition software and modify the software for people who suffer this malady to include famil, friends and co-workers in the database the software would use.  Then apply the software to what is called wearable computers.

A wearable computer is just what it implies along with a miniature cam mounted on a pair of special glasses that act as the monitor for the wearable computer.  And with today's phone capabilities I don't think we are very far off from using a phone to get this accomplished.

If the data is correct in assuming the 2 - 2.5% of the population having this problem.  Then in my town alone I am looking at approximately 1,100 people that could use this help.

What I would like to do is get federal government funding to make this happen.  Or through the donations from the people of this great nation.

Either way I look at it.  I'll be getting a job for myself and providing jobs for a lot of other people.  In both cases it may not be very many people but in the big picture I see thousands of people having new jobs where there were none before.

I have provided PayPal donate buttons for all those who will donate.



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